Ritual Master Application

Dear RM Applicant,

The most difficult of studies within a Mystery School is that of a Ritual Master. You are applying for this Program and there are a few facts that you need to know first. This is the toughest program that you will ever enter and there are many who fail this Program. This program works directly on your EGO and on eliminating the problems of the EGO. You will be pushed to your limits, tried and re-tried, as you become a Ritual Master, capable of holding enough energy for you to be able to do rituals and ceremonies. This process is not easy and not short. There is about a 60% failure rate in this program (used to be a lot more) and the average student finishes this program in five to seven years, but the exceptional ones in less time or three to five years. Now if you fail this does not mean that you are not capable of being an Initiated Life Activation Practitioner, Teacher or even a Guide in service.

This Program is difficult because of many factors. Most people who come to a Mystery School want to be saved from their own misery, but we are a Mystery School not a misery school. We don't save you from anything. If you come to be saved you come to the wrong place. However if you come to get tools to empower yourself, to heal yourself, and to gain strength and clarity, then you have come to the right place. This we can do for you and lead you by the hand through the mysteries so that you may become your own master teacher. You see all the answers to all the questions that you need to ask are within you. All you need are the CORRECT TOOLS to reach them. We in the Mystery School have those tools and we have had them for over three thousand years.

As you enter the program you have expectations and dreams that you want to fulfill and you expect them to be filled in this program. As such you are right in assuming that the Ritual Master program or you as a Ritual Master will achieve any and all reasonable goals. However, as you are in training you will not see the results as such. You are in training and the final power of this training comes after the third step initiation. Expect nothing during your training and you will attain all. Also as we are humans there is one thing you need to realize. One of us will be your Ritual Master Teacher; we are not a Guru or Ascended Master. We are not greater than you, but we have walked further on this path than most and received more training than most. This is the reason why you should be studying with us. Allow us however to be human, we have our faults and follies, we are NOT perfect! We do ask for respect and amiability since that is what we will give you. We will push your buttons though, and you will not like that. That is our job; push the ego up to the surface so that we may see it in its true light. NO MORE SECRETS!

The Ritual Master program is not the Mystery School and the Mystery School is not the Ritual Master program. This program has a totally different Hierarchy and very different goals and purpose. This purpose is the core of this program and it is one that is not revealed to you at this point. IF YOU FEEL CALLED TO THIS PROGRAM YOU SHOULD APPLY, OTHERWISE YOU SHOULD NOT. This is not another class or seminar to take just because you are bored with your life. The Mystery School is about service to humans in a most general way from a hug to actual physical healing work. It is about LIGHT and LOVE, and the expression of that to all humans. It is a beautiful system of energy and "how to live" knowledge that has been perfected over thousands of years. The Ritual Master program however is about Higher Magick, transformational and transmutational magick. We are not saying it is more important than the general service, because what can be more important than to do service for people in a direct way.

However the Ritual Master program is for those who want to do Higher Magick and serve humans in a higher sense. This means that we serve more people in many different ways. This program is not suited for all people and most people will never even know about it. We are the SHADOW WARRIORS fighting evil with the banner of Love in our hands. This will all be further explained to you as you evolve in the program. One thing is for certain; you will not see the whole picture at any given moment. You will only be shown that which is essential for your task at hand. Other information is on a need to know basis and usually you don't need to know. This is the most difficult program you have ever started and we hope you have heard this message.

We wish you luck and Godspeed,

The Third Order

Ipsissimus Gudni GED Gudnason, Founder of the Modern Mystery School
Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon
Ipsissimus Hideto REI Nakagome

Application Form

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I am aware that after applying three times without attending RM class I will no longer be considered as an RM applicant and any future applications will not be processed.

Student Progression

1. Prerequisites are done or will be done prior to program.

2. Novice RM Class.

3. Apprentice RM Class.

4. Apprentice of Practical Magick Class.

5. Third Step Weekend – Guardian of the Flame.


Healers Academy Week One

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Application Completed:

A $100 non refundable application fee must be recieved and clear before your application will be processed. Payments can be made by VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Cheque or Money Order.

For more information on payments please call 416-625-3470.